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3-in-1 Scalp Massage | Dandruff Remover | LUSH Shampoo Brush (2019)

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Bacteria, decay and dandruff are just a few of the reasons your hands are NOT ENOUGH to get hard-to-reach spots on your scalp. 

Want beautiful, healthy and vibrant hair? Tired of flaky dandruff falling off you scalp in the middle of the day? 

You need to get to the root of the problem... and well... scrub the roots of your hair follicles. 

Our 3-in-1 stimulating and massaging shampoo scrubber is like a head massage, combined with health promoting scrub. 


  • Relaxing and invigorating scalp massage
  • Promote vibrant hair
  • Remove unwanted dandruff
  • Reach deep into your scalp
  • Silicone based to eliminate skin irritation
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Fast Delivery
  • 99.8% Reviews Recommends This Brush

Product description

Ergonomic design stimulates deep relaxation from the scalp, deep down into the body. Reduce stress, promote hair growth, and deep clean your scalp of dust and dandruff.

Forget the spa! Get your own spa day in a simple scrub. 

This clever design makes this easy and comfortable to grip, helping ensure you never drop our 3-in-1 Scalp Massage Scrubber. Even when shampoo makes it slippery. 

Silicone prongs encourage deep cleaning and total comfort as you scrub your scalp. And the prongs release and catch deep rooted filth from your head, that a normal finger scrub just can't do. Fingers a!re not well suited to infiltrate scalp pores, but the prongs on our device, help ensure a deep cleaning every single time.

Dirt and grime from your fingernails can actually get inside the pores of your scalp during a deep cleaning. Trapping oils and preventing a lush, vibrant look and feel of your hair. But you skip the entire mess when you use our safe and chemical free product.

Scalp clean dandruff control helps removing dirt and dead skin cells - reducing scalp itch. And who wants dandruff or dirty hair in the first place? This exfoliates and deep cleans your head to lift and remove dead skin cells. This is makes your hair beautiful and desirable!

This is a safe and wonderful gift, easy to use, and so relaxing. It's like getting a deep scalp rub at the hairdresser every time you use it. Stimulating the nerves on top of you head.  

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8% of profits will be donated to providing families in Africa shelter and clean water.

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