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All In One Shaver

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One Stop Shop For All Of Your Shaving Needs For 1 Low Price!

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  • Beard Trimmers: Multi-stocked beard trimmers give you the ultimate flexibility for your shave. Make your skin completely smooth, or groom your beard/mustache with options of lengths.
  • Hair Grooming: Tired of paying $30 bucks at the barber? Trim or even shave your head bald with this flexible shaving set. Use a variety of lengths for the perfect cut.
  • Smoothest Cut: High grade metal ensures that your trim is precise and clean, every single time. Get a close shave without the irritation using this one-of-a-kind razor set.
  • Professional Use: These razors are so high end, we recommend hair stylists use these for a the all-in-one trifecta for cutting a close shave or hair cut. This trusted beyond the home, and professionals are finding they trust us for the job. 
  • Quality: Forget the off brands. Shop Viral Modern for the reputation and promise.

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