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Electric Back Shaver


The Electric Back Shaver is a battery powered beast to help anybody with unwanted back hair, quickly remove everything for a sleek, soft, shaven look. 

It's effective for people with little or a lot of hair. With dual action razors designed to give you a close and effective shave, and irritation resistant technology to give you a smooth and soft feel, customers are raving about this long-electric razor.

The blades make it easy to pick up bulk hair. But the fine blades, allow you to shave off even the finest or shortest hair follicles. It's the perfect dual action you've been looking for.  


  • Dual Action Razor: fine close shave
  • Anti-Irritation Technology
  • Ergonomic long-hilt handle: get hard to reach places
  • Battery powered: pulsating razor effect for constant shave
  • Consistent swipe: even shave across back
  • Wide-Form Head: broad, effective shape for quick shave

100% Money back guarantee:
We are so confident that you will love your Electric Back Shaver, we offer a product guarantee.

  • Get irritation free shave!
  • Get hard to reach places!
  • Total satisfaction!