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Hair Color Wax

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Want a strong hold and vibrant colored hair?

Choose Colored Hair Wax to get the perfect look! This colored wax lets you transform your hair color temporarily whenever and where ever you want!

Perfect for daily use, festivals, parties, clubbing, raves, cosplay, Halloween, and sporting events.

What Makes The Colored Hair Wax Such A Phenomenon?

It's perfect for a strong hold and intense color. And the best part? Just wash it out and try another look if you want something different!

Want a more intense color? Easy. Just apply more!

No stickiness and no damage.


  • Made of 100% natural plant extracts
  • No scalp irritation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Designed to make hair healthy and beautiful
  • Coloring and Styling available in all types
  • Mold, sculpt, texture and color your hair at the same time
  • No more $200 hair dyes!

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