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H2O Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

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Fruit Infused Water Hydrates, Replenishes, And Fuels Your Body Better Than Plain Water!

Water alone is great, but infused water is even better! 

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Ditch your old boring water bottle. This sustainable and uniquely crafted bottle makes drinking water flavorful and nutrient enhancing.

Packed into a compact BPA free bottle, the bottom is designed to crush and juice the fruit you stuff into the bottom compartment. In no time you'll be enjoying a hint of fruit and flavor in every sip.


  • BPA Free Sustainable Bottle – Beautiful and eco-friendly design makes sure that your water is pure and not contaminated. Essential for any water bottle you plan on using!
  • 600ml Volume - It's recommended you drink 3 Liters of water a day. 5 refills of this bottle is the perfect amount!
  • Leak Proof: Our unique locking design ensures the water mixed with your fruit infusion never leaks. Great to have with kids around!
  • Ergonomic Handle - Whether your home or playing sports, this design is easy to grab and comfortable to hold. 
  • Simple Cleaning- Dishwasher safe! And easy to clean with a brush.
  • Healthy Infusion - There are many benefits to drinking water with mixed fruit. Vitamins and minerals from your fruit help your body hydrate more efficiently and effectively. 
  • Excellent Gift - Treat your friends and family to the perfect gift! Affordable, unique and thoughtful.

Size: 24cm x 7cm x 5.6cm

Grab yours today, stay hydrated and healthy!