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Solar X™ - Brightest Portable Solar Lamp

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The Best Choice For A "Free Energy" Outdoor Light Source 


Solar X™ Solar Lamp is a light source you can always rely on to get you through the night! Working on solar-powered LED lights, it provides a reliable and infinite light source in the wilds!

You can hang it anywhere and adjust its brightness to properly light your surroundings just about anywhere! In case of an emergency, you won’t find a more reliable choice!

With Solar X™ Solar Lamp you are prepared to spend nights out in nature without a worry. If you are serious about your safety in the outdoors then choose Solar X™ Solar Lamp to never spend a moment in the dark!

Why Solar X™ Solar Lamp Is For You


  • Never in the dark-Rely on Solar X™ Solar Lamp light up all your surroundings anytime you are in need of a trustworthy source of light!
  • Inextinguishable power-No weather conditions can stop Solar X™ from guiding you through the night in the outdoors!
  • Eternally reliable- Solar X™ Solar Lamp charges directly from the sun to create endless lighting comfort for your long trips in the wild!

Solar X™ Solar Lamp is the ultimate choice-Choose Solar X™ Solar Lamp as your portable light source and guarantee your safety and comfort during every night spent in nature!

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